Tattered Covers

Tattered CoversWearing a little black dress and pearls, Azalea Pruett opens her front door and finds her BMW hoisted onto a long-bed trailer. A man in a blue jumpsuit explains he has a repo order for her car. With little money left in her bank account, Zal decides against calling a taxi. Her black heels click against the sidewalk as she glances at her Rolex. She’ll be right on time for her husband’s funeral.

In Tattered Covers, Zal Pruett goes from riches to rags. A trip to her grandmother’s birthplace in the Colorado mountains brings a new life and an unexpected skeleton dangling from the family tree. Written by Lucinda Stein, author of Three Threads Woven, a 2010 WILLA Finalist, and “Sulfur Springs” awarded the 2011 LAURA Short Fiction Award.


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