A Billboard Beckons

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bigstock-Diner-7877017 (2)Azalea Pruett finds herself in poverty after her husband’s death. She discovers that he’s left her with a mountain of debt, and her story becomes one of riches to rags. Forced to become a waitress in a retro-fifties diner, her life turns completely upside down like a burger flipped on a hot grill.

A billboard reminds her of the Colorado mountains where her grandmotherMountain Top Mine was born. Still reeling from a funeral and a repossessed home, she moves to Ouray on a whim. But will the impetuous move prove courageous or rash?

In the historic mining town, she researches her ancestral history and discovers an unexpected skeleton dangling from the family tree. But that’s not the only surprise in store for Zal. She’s caught off guard by the attention of two unusual men and soon finds she has no clue how to be single again.

Tattered CoversAward-winning author, Lucinda Stein, returns to the beautiful San Juan Mountains in this novel. She’s the author of five books, including a collection of short stories, Sanctuary: Family, Friends, and Strangers. Her novel, Three Threads Woven, was a 2010 WILLA Finalist and her short story, “Sulfur Springs,” won the 2011 LAURA Short Fiction Award. Her short fiction has appeared in The South Dakota Review, Pooled Ink, Fine Lines, and Women Writing the West online. A recent story, “Two Steps Back,” was a winner in the 2014 Northern Colorado Writers Contest.

Tattered Covers is available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

“Lucinda Stein…brings past and present together in a seamlessly written narrative. Set against the rugged Colorado mountains, Tattered Covers is eloquently told with a strong sense of place.” —Erin Gray, author of Moonshine Murder

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