Suddenly Single

bigstock-Diner-7877017 (2) Zal Pruett never dreamed she’d be a waitress in a retro-fifties diner. But like a burger flipped on a hot grill, Zal’s life turns upside down after the sudden death of her husband.



To her dismay, she discovers he’s left her on the                                                                     verge of bankruptcy.  old blue pick-upStill reeling from the disaster, Zal heads out on the open road with a used Airstream trailer hitched behind a run-down pickup. What does she have to lose?

But she’s not prepared for the unexpected attention of two men in the sleepy mountain town where she lands.


Tattered CoversAward winning author, Lucinda Stein is a member of Women Writing the West and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. Her other works include: Spiral of Darkness, Sanctuary: Family, Friends, and Strangers, Three Threads Woven, and Maggie’s Way: The Story of a Defiant Pioneer Woman.

Tattered Covers is available at and Barnes &

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One Response to Suddenly Single

  1. Love the baseline of the story! Cheers

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