Making the Headlines

Sneaky Card Playing ProstituteAfter Zal Pruett moves to a historic mining town, she researches her family history only to find a skeleton dangling from the family tree. She discovers her great-great-grandmother staring out from an old photograph. A group of women poses outside a house of prostitution, some haughty, some bored, some with cloaked expressions.

How did I come up with this idea for my story? I perused historic newspapers and found a July 23,1871 issue of the Rocky Mountain News with the following headline:


Intrigued by the article, I used the newspaper account in my book, Tattered Covers. Of course, I had to come up with the lady of the night’s motivation. What drove her to stab her lover? The article stated she wasn’t found. What happened to her? Thus the story of my protagonist’s great-great-grandmother!

Tattered CoversTattered Covers at

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Author’s Website

Lucinda Stein is a member of Women Writing the West and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.

Other titles by the Lucinda Stein:

Sanctuary: Family, Friends, and Strangers, a collection of stories

Three Threads Woven, a 2010 WILLA finalist

Maggie’s Way: The Story of a Defiant Pioneer Woman

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