Fresh Starts

old blue pick-upHave you ever wanted a fresh start in life—to the point you’d take off to an unknown destination? After college, I headed to a state where I didn’t know a soul. I wouldn’t recommend it. But then, I was single and struggling. It took many years before I felt somewhat grounded.

In my book, Tattered Covers, Zal Pruett sets out on a road trip in her ’65 Ford truck, hauling an old Airstream trailer. Everything she owns is in that silver bullet. She plans to visit her grandmother’s birthplace in the Colorado mountains but has no idea where or when she’ll find a job.

Zal does better than I did. She locates a job as a bookstore barista in the small town. The owner, Burt Baxter, takes her under his wing and becomes like family to the single woman.

Old mining ruins above the town where Zal's grandmother was born.

Old mining ruins above the town where Zal’s grandmother was born.

But is life ever what we expect? Confronted by the sudden attention of two men, Zal is unsure what to do. As a young widow, she struggles with starting a new life. But that’s the least of her worries when Burt becomes ill. Burt’s son announces the bookstore will have to be sold.

Tattered Covers is available in print and e-book format.

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