Whims, wishes, and Waterfalls

060One of my favorite places is Ouray, Colorado. The first time I experienced its magnificent scenery, I was smitten. A red rock amphitheater surrounds the picturesque mountain town. High above, the San Juan peaks brush the heavens. Dramatic waterfalls plunge over rugged rock cliffs. Hiking trails wind up alpine slopes and lead to haunting silver mines from the nineteenth century.

It’s no wonder that my latest novel, Tattered Covers, is set in this fascinating place. Thevintage boots historic town once held an onslaught of miners and prospectors in search of a quick fortune. Ladies of the night followed on their footsteps, intent on getting their share of the wealth. It’s here, that my main character pursues a fresh start and researches her family history.

Tattered Covers makes a perfect Colorado Christmas gift for your family or friends. Or perhaps, you’d like a good book to curl up with this winter. Don’t forget that mug of hot chocolate!

Tattered CoversHappy reading,

Lucinda Stein, author

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble in both book and e-book format.

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